My name is Bob Hoffman and I am on a quest to learn about life, love, and all things good!  I have a calling to help others, to bridge differences and to accentuate the positives in life.  Along the way I like to meet other like minded people who experience the richness of the abundant Universe.  My hope is this space becomes a known place to share positive life lessons and wisdom.  What I learn may help you, and vise-a-versa.

I have a quote in my office that reads ‘How you spend your days is how you spend your life.’  I remind myself to spend my days smelling the flowers, listening to great music and singing along, reading by the fire, enjoying my family and friends, belly laughing, having a good cry, letting go of the negative, reading positive quotes, going to the movies, visiting with the elderly who can teach me so much. 

Sometimes I do these automatically, but not everyday. The more I surround myself with positive people and situations, the greater my joy.  Then, I’am reminded of the lesson once again; How you spend your days is how you spend your life.€

This is how I spend my day!