I recently discovered Daymond John’s blog (http://www.daymondjohn.com)  If you aren’t familiar with Daymond he created FUBU apparel.  He is also one of the sharks on the ABC entrepreneurial business show, Shark Tank.  At 42, Daymond is, by every standard, a success.  He’s a multi-millionaire, an industry pioneer and a highly regarded marketing expert.

Daymond wrote in a recent blog post how he approaches goal setting.  Since I’m on a quest to surround myself with leaders and learners, his post hit home.  Daymond approaches goal setting by first writing out his goals and then reading the list every night before he goes to bed and then again when he wakes up.  He spends twenty minutes each time going over the goals.  How brilliant!

I write down my goals and read them frequently but must admit that I don’t go over them daily.  However, I am a firm believer in the law of Cause and Effect which states: “what you expect and believe is what you experience.”  It makes since then if we first write out our goals and then read them several times a day and actually spend time visualizing that we’ve already achieved them, and they will come true!

Thank you Daymond for a great lesson on goal setting!

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