The last few months I’ve been shocked to hear about unexpected deaths.  Last month I lost a friend who just celebrated her 50th birthday.  Last week  a  friend in her late 40’s passed.  This week, a friend in his mid-40’s is battling for his life in the hopital.  He is getting better, but he almost didn’t make it.  Then, just a couple of days ago, I learned an acquaintance  my age died. 

Death reminds me to live!  This afternoonon on my way home from a gathering to celebrate my friend’s life, I happened to look into the sky and was taken by it’s beauty; a gorgeous shade of blue.  I stopped, took in a deep breath, and was overcome with a since of gratitude.  How fortunate I am to enjoy another day on planet Earth.  Immediately I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture of this beauty that covers us day and night.  

Like a vaccuum the things I am grateful for came forward quickly.  I am fortunate to be American,  to eat daily, to have family and friends, to love and be loved.    I suppose because I still had my cell phone in my hand, it was one of the items on my list.   Then I thought  about how convenient the cell phone has become in my life.  I don’t go anywhere without it;  it’s  usually the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at before going bed.  When I think about that it makes me sad.  That’s not what I want. 

Today’s lesson was another reminder to enjoy the beauty surrounding me and to celebrate life!  And although I will still carry my cell phone with me,  it’s not going to be the first and last thing I look at.

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