250 plus people showed up for the Grand Rapids Community College ePIFanyNow Pass It Forward event.  It was a great day with many lessons. 

Our group decided to buy stuffed animals and take them to Devos Children’s Hospital.  However, even though we called the hospital ahead of time and were able to get permission to be there, a security gaurd wasn’t friendly with us.  He actualy physically removed us from the hospital.  Our first reaction was of anger!  He wouldn’t listen to why we were there or what we were saying. 
Once we left the hospital, without dropping off the stuffed animals, some of our group wanted to go back and give the guy a piece of their mind.  I had a different idea.  “Let’s buy him a gift certificate for coffee,” I suggested.  “What are you nuts,” shouted the men I was with.  “Think about it.  He never would suspect it and he would be shocked.  Perhaps he might reflect on how he treated us. I can almost gaurantee that he won’t reflect on how he treated us if we go back there and yell at him more.  All it will do is fuel his fire and ours. 
We gave the certificate to another security guard that we found and asked him to give it to the guy we had problems with.  He agreed. 
I don’t know the security guard that gave us trouble ended up getting the certificate we bought him, but I did make the guys I was with laugh. At first they didn’t understand my logic, but I think I finally got it!
There were so many great stories of how people passed it forward!  We helped a lot of people today and I know the energy continues!
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