I was waiting for a friend at an outdoor café yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden I felt a plop on my head.  A millisecond later white and black material exploded into the air landing on my shirt.  Oh my gosh a bird pooped right in the middle of my head.  My first thought was, “Oh my hair.”  Then I burst out laughing.  I mean belly laughing, by myself, at a table.  A woman at a table nearby just stared at me so I told her, fighting back laugh-tears, what had happened.  Her facial expression made me laugh harder.  She drew back the corners of her mouth and her eyes went in, the kind of expression you make when someone says or does something off beat. 

I ran into the café to use the facility, but of course someone already beat me to it.  So I used a napkin to try and clean the mess in my hair and on my shirt.  People just looked at me as if I were crazy.  It made me laugh harder!

I love all the comments about my website.  Please feel free to send me yours and if you agree we can post them on here.  The goal is to have lots of people send stories that producer laughter, “ah-ah” moments or inspiration.  My friend had such an experience she agreed to share.

I just had a great morning with eight year old son.  He is trying out for the travel soccer team and he has to run the soccer field five times during the tryouts. So when I decided to go out for a run he thought he might like to join me.

We ran about one mile and he had to stop.  He yelled to me, “Mom, please run slower and I will walk and catch up.”  I ran backwards, slow, and talked to him as we went along.  We talked about pushing yourself to do something you want to do and how you feel great after.  We got to the end of the sidewalk by our house and he said “I don’t think I can make it home.”  I said, “Yes you can, tell your self ‘I can, I can, I can…’” We joined hands and ran the rest of the way together.  He finished with a smile on his face and said, “Mom, can we do this tomorrow morning?”  ABSOLUTELY!

These are the times that make being a mother worth it! 

 Thank you for helping me to save these moments!  🙂

 TODAY I’M GRATEFUL FOR the bird that pooped on my head and made me belly laugh.  I love to laugh!

 TODAY I’M ATTRACTING the ability to not feel rushed.

 QUOTE: “Personal focus comes before financial freedom.”


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