For me a situation seems more temporary than a problem.  It’s just semantics, but it works.

One “situation” I seem to find myself in more than I would like is taking on to much at once.  I am a “yes” man.  I tell myself I can handle anything.  Yet, when I’ve got so much going on in my life I can quickly enter a negative vortex that spins fast and like a black hole grabs everything nearby turning it into an unconstructive blob of yuck.

The lesson I learn (over and over) is to change my message to:  I can handle anything but I have to stay focused on what I really want.  I’ve written myself a reminder to read daily.  What do I really want? Is this thought getting me closer or further away from what I want?

My hope is that soon I won’t have to remind myself but rather be so centered and focused on my goal that nothing distracts me from my objective.

I’m reminded:  The thoughts you have today will change your life.  What are you thinking on a consistent basis?


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