Monday, June 16, 2008   In A Split Second 

I was reminded Sunday how precious life is. Mom and I were sitting on her front porch, which overlooks my parent’s horse pasture and long driveway.  We were having a relaxing afternoon when suddenly mom screamed and in a split second I saw and heard it too.  A car, which was traveling to fast for the dirt road they live on, lost control and went into a culvert.  It then launched into the air and crashed down, front end first, into my parent’s huge rock pile which greets visitors at the end of the driveway.  Smoke was billowing from the front end of the vehicle.  I immediately ran the 200 yards to where the car was; dialing 911 as I ran.  The front end of the vehicle was gone; it was pan- caked into mess of fiberglass and steel.  I saw an empty baby seat in the back of the car and my heart sank.  Inside the mangled wreck I saw the driver slumped over, blood ran from his head and feet.  My first thought he was dead; my second thought was the car was going to blow up.  The neighbors ran to get a fire extinguisher while I opened the passenger door to access the situation and see if the driver were alive.  His foot was stuck in the mangled wreck.  He couldn’t get out but he was moaning.  By this time my step dad arrived and he immediately removed debris and jumped into the car to hold the guys head and comfort him until the ambulance arrived.  Jim, my step-dad, asked the driver if he had been drinking because he could smell alcohol.  The driver said he, “had a few beers” and he “was sorry.” 

It felt like an eternity before the ambulance and fire department arrived. It took them nearly ten minutes to remove the man using the jaws-of-life.  At least he was alive!  We were all thankful for that! 

We don’t know the condition of the driver except for the fact he lived.  He was in rough shape when they finally removed him from the car.  All we could do is pray he will recover.  We did find out he was driving on a suspended license and the car wasn’t his.  The authorities said, “If this guy recovers he’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

The rest of the afternoon we cleaned up the mess.  Glass was everywhere.  We were all still trembling from the adrenaline serge and spent the rest of the evening talking about how lucky we are to not have been anywhere near the end of the driveway.  My parent’s spent the day before weeding the gardens where the car landed.  Thank God the accident didn’t happen a day before! 

It was another reminder just how powerful speed is and to NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.  It also reminded me to pay attention while driving.  I can’t tell you how many times I look down to dial the cell phone or to text.  Yesterday was a lesson and I was paying attention!

TODAY I’M GRATEFUL FOR my parent’s.  It’s nice to come home and relax.

TODAY I’M ATTRACTING health and wellness for the man involved in the accident.

QUOTE:    “Today I will be happier than a bird with a French fry.”  Take a moment to visualize that little bird in a fast-food parking lot finding a French fry on the ground….he has struck it rich!  Phyllis Fox

ARBONNE:  When a friend recommends a movie and you go see it the motion picture’s director doesn’t send you a check for experiencing their product.  Yet as an Independent Consultant District Manager every time I recommend ARBONNE to a friend who then starts using it I get paid.  Makes you think!

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