Mary Turner GadjaI met Mary Turner Gajda when she was a DJ with Classic Hits 94.1fm.  She was always so inviting and willing to have me come on her show and talk about Wharton Center events.  Once I learned she loved to sing karaoke (and has an incredible voice) I knew we were going to be great friends.

What I truly admire about Mary is her determination to spend time doing what she loves even though it’s sometimes difficult with her demanding work schedule. She reminds me the importance of taking time out for yourself and the positives that come with it. One of Mary’s passions is photography, especially boudoir photography. ( )  She also keeps a blog that continues to inspire me!

When I needed to find a new co-anchor for FOX 47’s MORNING BLEND I immediately thought of Mary.  Thursday afternoons are my favorite day of the week because I get to hang around Mary Turner Gajda who is truly beautiful both on the inside and out!

Who what inspires you? 

My husband Tim inspires me! He may not love that I am so busy all the time between my business and jobs – but he supports me, and pushes me.  He always tells me, “if I want something go out and grab it.”  It’s pretty no nonsense when you think about it!

I’m also inspired by my business partner Marvin Hall.  He has mentored me in photography and taught me about reciprocity.  The business of photography is very competitive, yet Marvin took time out of his busy schedule to teach me ―and many others― tricks of the trade.  A lot of photographers wouldn’t do this. Marvin’s helped me reach a new level of skill and that has inspired me to help others.  Marvin and I now work together, and we try to help inspire each other creatively.

And honest to goodness I’m inspired by a certain blogger, TV personality, karaoke buddy, and PR guy named Bob Hoffman, who teaches me to rid myself of toxic people and situations and find joy in the now.

Do you have a slogan, motto or mantra?

My husband and I try hard to live by “wants verses need”.  We live in a “got to have it now” world and we are trying to stop and think – “Do we WANT this now, or do we NEED this now” before we make a major decision.  I also say to the kids, “if no one died, it’s not worth stressing over.” They roll their eyes at that one, but it’s a simple strategy for stress avoidance, if you don’t take it too literally!

Do you have a lesson or thought to share?

Life is short.  I’ve dealt with some pretty crazy illness in the past (meningitis, more than once), I’ve lost friends and loved ones, I’ve had jobs and dreams come and go.  But in the end all that matters is I’m still here…and I’m still tickin’.

How do you deal with stress?

Two ways!

I deal with stress through music – whether it’s relaxing/meditation music or my favorite jams – I use it to pull myself out of stress funks.

I also deal with stress through visualization. My happy place is anywhere near water, with waves crashing and birds singing.  If I can’t take myself their physically, I’m at the beach an awful lot in my head.

Anything you want to share?

I’ve been through some hard times I didn’t feel like I was “living”.  Somehow it took me until my mid 40’s to make big things happen.  Suddenly I found myself singing in a rock band, co- owning a photography studio, and co-hosting a TV segment….all on top of my day job.  It is never too late to start living your life!



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