I play this game with myself when I’m feeling down or bothered by someone or some event in my life.  I project myself way (stress the way here) into the future and prentend I’m 85.  Then I look back on the experience I’m actually going through and think did it really matter? More than not it makes me feel better about the situation.  It also can motivate me to do make changes.

For example, I beat myself up at the end of the month when I’ve (once again) blown my budget and start feeling down because I didn’t stay focused on my targeted goal of saving money and not just spending it.  It’s easy to allow those feelings to escalate and all of a sudden I talk myself into believing I’m a total looser.  Then depression hits and all of a sudden everything in my life looks bleak.

So I’ve learned to play “the game.”  I’m 85 and I’m looking back at the experience.  All of a sudden it seems funny to me that I would be depressed over something that I can change.  I’m young, intellegent, employed and have everything going for me.  Why would I be upset for something so silly?   It seems to work for me.

TODAY I’M GRATEFUL FOR my family who are accepting and loving.

I’M ATTRACTING energy to tackle everything I want to accomplish today.

QUOTE OF THE DAY.  Make it a habit to do nice things for people who’ll never find out. (*Here’s what I’m going to do.  I often go through the Starbucks drive through.  I’m going to pay the tab for the person behind me in line. Since they are in their car they will never know who I am!  I know it will make them smile. 🙂


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