I am drawn to water like a fish.  As a kid my sister and I would beg mom to take us  swimming but she always said it has to be at least 70 outside out before she would let us jump into the water.   At 65 we would get restless, watching the thermometer as if our stares would somehow increase the temperature outside.  One summer, after severe rains, a large pool of water gathered in the field behind our house.  It was waste deep and very inviting.  My sister and I decided to take the dog (a Brittany Spaniel named Rocky) for a walk to investigate.  He loved the water as much as we did and immediately broke free from the leash and jumped in what we decided to call the lake.  We both looked at each other, smiled and jumped in after him.  We laughed, splashed and had a riot…until we got home.  We explained how Rocky escaped and we needed to rescue him. Mom didn’t buy it and we got a good talking to. 

These days I start my day and end my day in the hot tub.  It immediately relaxes me and takes away any worry or self-doubt I may have picked up and carried throughout the day.  When I can’t get to the beach, I get to the back yard.  Sitting in the warm water I am often carried away…back to those summer memories with Rocky, my sister and the adventures we took.  I love water!

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