It is disappointing when things don’t work out the way I planned, especially when it is something I really looked forward to. So today I’m reminded that maybe the Universe has something else wonderful in store for me. All I have to do is sit back, relax and let it happen. It’s not easy! I can feel a build up of anxiety because my plans have changed due to something that I don’t have any control over. As I write this I know all I have to do is take a deep breath, imagine the anxiety as a black ball inside me that I am releasing. It’s traveling from my head through my shoulders, gathering excess junk as it makes it journey through my stomache, knees, legs, feet and finally breaking through the skin into the air! It’s gone. I’m better!


The last six months a friend and I have been emailing each other every morning with what we are grateful for and what we are attracting into our lives. I’ve decided to do this on I would LOVE for other people to jump on board and post what they are grateful for and are attracting into their lives.


TODAY I’M GRATEFUL my wonderful house.


I’M ATTRACTING more people to share what they are grateful for and what they are attracting into their lives.


Be open and accessible. the next person you meet could become your best friend.


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