When I was in elementary and middle school I wasn’t very popular.  It was my fault because I really didn’t know how to just relax and be myself.  So I ended up closing up and spending a lot of time alone, secretly wishing I could be with other people.  By the time I reached high school I started coming out of my shell and making friends seemed easy.  All those years being the “quiet kid in the corner” suddenly exploded by the time I reached college and I was a social butterfly.  My goal was to be involved in as much as possible; I loved it and had the energy to maintain a huge social schedule.  I remember my mom saying to me more than once, “Slow down and smell the roses.  You do way to much.”  I knew with my entire being that she was crazy.  I would never want to slow down.  I wasn’t like her; so I thought.

As an adult (okay, I don’t really feel like one but according to everything I’ve heard I am now officially one)  I still have the feeling that I want to be involved in as much as possible, but I don’t have the energy. And lately all I want to do is go home after work and just relax inside my house, often times alone.  If you would have asked me five years ago if I would ever think I would want to be home alone, not around my friends, not being involved in something, I would have said you are nuts!

The past five years I’ve been learning the word NO.  It’s a hard word to learn because often times I get myself involved in things that I just don’t have the energy to do.  But I don’t want to disappoint anyone.  I’m learning though, that the only one I disappoint is myself.  So I’m taking it day by day.  I still want to do everything…. but for today I’m saying NO!

TODAY I’M GRATEFUL FOR summer.  I LOVE this weather!  It makes me smile.

TODAY I’M ATTRACTING more time to “smell the roses.”


TODAY’S QUOTE: Successful people say “YES” to their dreams and “NO” to distractions.

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