I proved it!  You can change your attitude and turn a negative situation into a positive one.  It’s not easy, but I did it yesterday!

Let me explain.  I’ve been in a working relationship with someone for several years and I feel I’ve given my heart and soul to this bond we share.  I asked my partner for something a few months ago which they agreed to supply.  I reminded them of this pact a few days ago only to be told it would no longer work out.  They reconsidered and thought I didn’t need this item to make our relationship more productive.

I was counting on it, in fact almost relying on it!  Immediately I was angry and bitter.  My heart beat fast and I grew flush.  I wanted to have a confrontation and imagined how it would play out in my mind.  My jaw hurt from grinding my teeth!  I took a deep breath and instead of focusing on this negative I started to think about all they have done for me.  It wasn’t easy.  I was angry and didn’t want to think about the positives.  My ego started to interrupt the positive thoughts to say, “yes, but…you did this, and this and they never….”  I stopped my ego from going any further.  I swallowed my pride and just concentrated on all the good.  There is a lot of good in our relationship.  When ever my ego started to pop up I wouldn’t let it.  I only focused on the positives.  I tried to think of as many good things between us as I could.  By the end of the night I was okay.  Today, I’m happy because I know it wasn’t meant to be.  I didn’t get my way but the world hasn’t ended.  I’ll be okay! 

 TODAY I’M GRATEFUL FOR all my friends.  I love you all!

 TODAY I’M ATTRACTING a productive evening.

 QUOTE:         “Successful people remember their vision for life and ignore                             day to day distractions.”


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