It was like being stabbed! 

The most unusual experience took place this morning.  An acquaintance approached me to find out if I knew anything about a certain person.  My reaction, naturally, was curiosity.  Why did she want to know?  I soon found out she has nothing nice to say about this individual whom I happen to know and think very highly of.  When I made it apparent that I feel this person is an outstanding individual who I respect, the mood changed.  My acquaintance was embarrassed.  But here’s the kicker, she didn’t even know the woman (my friend) she was talking about.  She hadn’t even met her!  When someone talks trash about my friends I take it personally.  It’s like being stabbed in the gut!

It made me think how many times I judge someone with out knowing the “rest of the story.”  Of course I try not to EVER say anything bad about someone, but I do think it at times. (That’s human right?)  I’m reminded of a saying my mom told me growing up, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”  I hope the acquaintance I met this morning learned a lesson!

TODAY I’M GRATEFUL FOR my Buddha who always makes me smile and feel loved.

TODAY I’M ATTRACTING balance and the ability to say NO and not feel guilty.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. “I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go one, and it will be better tomorrow.” Maya Angelou.


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